Veho M8 Portable Bluetooth Speaker System

Veho M8 Portable Bluetooth Speaker System

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The easy to pair wireless M8 speaker from Veho is a stylish looking portable home audio speaker. The 2 x 10W speakers' and dual passive subwoofers deliver rich, powerful, detailed sound wirelessly from any Bluetooth device.

Connect your wireless Bluetooth device, such as a smartphone, tablet or MP3 player, and enjoy up to 15 hours of high quality sound thanks to the M8's 2200mAh rechargeable battery.

The M8 wireless lifestyle speaker has been designed for portability, making this home audio speaker perfect for any room in your home or taking out to your garden.

The beautifully stylish M8 has a sleek full aluminium design and features low energy Bluetooth connectivity, ideal for connecting up wirelessly to the Apple iPhone 7 or iPhone Plus.

The M8 speaker produces 20 Watts of rich, detailed sound, thanks to the dual passive subwoofers from the built-in 2 x 10W speakers to give you a great music listening experience.

Key Features
Easy to pair speaker connects with smartphones, tablets, MP3 players or any other Bluetooth device
Rich, detailed sound with dual passive subwoofers from the built-in 2 x 10W speakers
Up to 15 hours continuous playback from a single charge
Beautifully stylish lifestyle speaker with sleek full aluminium design, to enhance any room
Lightweight and portable design, ideal for using around the home or office or taking into your garden.

  • Listen to your favorite music and enjoy great sound with Veho M8 Speaker System
  • Appreciate the flexibility of wireless sound whether next to the M8 or across the room
  • Immerse yourself in music with the passive subwoofer that produces deep and booming lows
  • Route your music to your tablet, iPad, smartphone or PC with these Bluetooth compatible Speaker System
  • Connect your devices via the USB port and play your tunes directly
  • Features a rechargeable battery for extended playback time