HP USB Fingerprint Mouse
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HP USB Fingerprint Mouse

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Login to your PC without a password and navigate content accurately and quickly with the HP USB Fingerprint Mouse, our first mouse with an embedded fingerprint sensor that authenticates login within the mouse.


Privacy at your fingertip

After a one-time enrollment in your PC's Windows Hello, simply place your finger on the sensor for a quick scan and template match to log in each time without a password or PIN.

Built-in encryption

Lock down your fingerprint with a sensor that securely encrypts and stores its digital template inside the mouse and only transmits a pass or fail each time you login

Simple USB connectivity

Connect the mouse to any USB port on your device.

Fast navigation

Easily navigate documents and web pages with the high-performance laser and hyper-fast scrolling.

Intuitive and familiar design

Enjoy natural, comfortable left- or right-hand operation, and use the wheel on top as a third mouse button.

World-class support

Get a one-year limited warranty.

  • USB interface allows easy connectivity with your Desktop PC
  • Features laser resolution for silky smooth movement
  • The symmetrical shape lets left as well as right handers use mouse with ease