AKG PZM10 LL Microphone

AKG PZM10 LL Microphone

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Inconspicuous assistant
for ticket-window, courtroom and security applications

The PZM10 and PZM10 LL, part of the Pressure Zone Microphone® line, are designed for security, surveillance, and conference-table use. The special housing design allows the microphones to be mounted into tables, walls or ceilings easily and inconspicuously.

Using Pressure Zone Microphone® technology, the PZM10 and PZM10 LL are highly sensitive and deliver a wide and smooth frequency response. Thus the PZM10 and PZM10 LL are characterized by excellent clarity and a consistent pickup anywhere around the mic.

  • Wired connection ensures a worry-free signal quality while speaking
  • Capable to throw a crisp and clear audibility with 80 Hz - 20 kHz frequency response
  • Mounts to a wall, keeping the wires organized