Have you been planning on buying a new computer online, but don’t know where to start? Unlike retail stores where you can have all your questions answered immediately, it’s not that easy to understand whether a computer is the right one for you by just looking at some specs. Especially when it comes to Intel processors, most people have no idea what they need beyond the fact that the latest OS is Windows 10.

While sites like Compavana can ensure you get the best product possible at a smart price, you first need to have a good idea of what kind of PC or laptop would be most suitable for you. Your hobbies determine the kind of intel processor you should opt for, as each processor is optimized for certain kinds of activities. Let’s take a look at the three most popular processors to understand how important it is to take your specific needs into consideration.

Core i3

First introduced in 2010, the Intel Core i3 processor has been through several updates on its microarchitecture over the years. It is considered the most economical choice in the Core series. In other words, devices that have Core i3 are likely to be inexpensive compared to Core i5 or Core i7.

It is mostly targeted at regular students, people who use computers for everyday work, office workers, or those who work from home. While low spec games run smoothly on these kinds of processors, the graphics aren’t always the best, and the high spec games would face major lag. Activities like photo editing, video streaming, online banking, etc can be done without any issue. On the other hand, editing high quality videos might be tough.

Core i5

Core i5 was launched in 2009 and has been through major improvements since then. Compared to Core i3, it is considered a fast processor, capable of performing media related tasks. Usually, devices with Core i5 also have a reasonable price. Of course, ultimately, various factors affect the price of a device along with the intel processor.

Core i5 is for students and office workers who tend to multi-task. The processor runs smoothly even if you are watching videos, playing games, and writing on Microsoft Word at the same time. Businesses applications that require high data can run smoothly on this processor, as can video games with high specs. The graphics aren’t affected at all, nor does it lag. Along with photo editing you can also edit videos and run animation software.

Core i7

You must have guessed by now- the higher you go, the better will be the performance quality of the processor. Sometimes, a processor may overheat if they are made to do tasks beyond their capacity. Other processors might be a little too fast paced for your taste. For Core i7 though, while overheating certainly isn’t an issue, it is scarily fast. It has the kind of speed you might not always need.

However, if you are into video editing, animation or graphic design, this is one of the most suitable processors. It lets you run multiple applications at once, and for anyone with an artistic bent, there's always a lot of back and forth between multiple references, something this processor can handle flawlessly. You need all the editing applications to work at their best and render the highest quality videos, which is something the Core i7 does best.


Final Thoughts

As you can see, if you need a computer for regular use with a bit of video gaming every now and then, you want the processor to be Core i3. If you want a computer with gaming as the main focus, opt for Core i5. And if you want to let your passion flow without lag, as you edit and design digitally, Core i7 is the one for you.